Make Your Own Eco-Friendly, Upcycled Muddy Paw Mitt

You know that feeling … you look down at your dog and see that their paws are now a different colour! Mud! You haven’t got a towel to hand and just need a quick fix. These handy paw mitts are cheap and easy to make, easily washed so are reusable and eco friendly; plus they easily store in your bag.

What you will need:

· An old hand towel (Sizes may vary. We have used 30cm x 30cm but any size will work and you can adapt it depending on the size of your dog and their paws)

· Ribbon (approximately 30cm)

· Pins

· Needle

· Thread

· Measuring tape

· Scissors

What to do:

1. Lay out the hand towel horizontally and then fold top edge down approx. 4-5cm. Your folded towel is now 30cm wide x 25cm high.

2. Fold in half to make your towel 15cm wide then pin the side and bottom to secure for the next step.

3. Stitch along the side and the bottom where you have pinned using either a sewing machine or by hand. Now turn it inside out so that the stitching is now on the inside.

4. Cut a 30cm length of your ribbon.

5. Place the rope/ribbon on either side of the top right corner of your mitt. Sew the rope/ribbon at least 10 times through until it feels securely attached.

6. Slip your dog’s dirty/wet paw into the mitt & rub. Repeat. All the mud/grass/sand will stay in the mitt. Rinse & repeat. Keep your mitt hanging on the doorknob or in your car, ready for those mucky paws!

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